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Nov. 25th, 2012

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Originally submitted at LUSH USA

This bomb looks and feels a little different from the rest; that's because it's composed of heaps of sea salt which makes it rather heavy. It fizzes slowly as the salt dissolves into your hot bath, softening the water and your skin. Pine, cypress and sandalwood waft out from the steamy wate...

Geo Phyzz

Nice - But Not Outstanding.

By Rythos from Draper, UT on 11/25/2012


4out of 5

When you survey your stash, you label this product: None of the above

Pros: Pleasant scent, Relaxing

Cons: Gritty, Weak Scent

This was the second bath bomb I tried from LUSH - overall, it was kind of a disappointment. It smelled quite nice in the dry form, and though it still smelled nice in the bath, it was, well, hard to smell! The water had much, MUCH less of a scent to it than my last bomb, and it didn't stick to my skin at all. It was also much grittier. Not completely unpleasant, but unexpected. It was just taking longer to dissolve.

I didn't notice too much muscle loosening, other than what normal bathes do. Overall, not a bad buy - but not one I'll pick up for myself again, I think. Some of my friends may like it better.


Nov. 20th, 2011



(I'll give an actual update soon!)

Jun. 14th, 2011


Here's a dream I forgot to report. I just keep having these things.

"June 5th
Another Homestuck dream, wtf? Well. Okay. Here we go.

I don't remember much, but I remember the Homestuck stuff, of COURSE. I was in a park, and more importantly, I was Jade. I was just chilling there, with a robot. I guess it was Dreambot? I'm not sure! (EDIT: I remember later.) Well, Bec was there too, doing… something or other. I don't remember. But the Robot and Jade were playing this weird four-person alien checkers game, but two people could jump in-out at any time. Some other stuff happened that I don't quite remember, but then there was Karkat! He showed up and then he and Jade went back to his Respiteblock.

They continued to play weird alien checkers there. Karkat thanks Jade for keeping his "sister" busy. Who is apparently the robot. (WTF?) There were then lots of dynamic and INTENSE shots of the various checkers moves. In the end, Karkat won. Jade was starting to be all "BLARH D< YOU CHEATED" because he'd had some kind of setup that made it so no one but him could make a move anymore, making him the winner by default. BUT Karkat, who had been all "HAHA" a moment before, suddenly stopped and shushed her. She was like "what?" but he shushed her again. And then he turns and says, "OH MY GOD I SMELL THE COLORS." Jade just looks at him again like, "what?"

He then abandons Jade in a state of WTF to get on Facebook on post on Terezi's wall that very statement. She responds with a R34LLY?!?!?!? and he confirms and then she giggles "H3H3H3" and they then have a conversation about smelling colors on Facebook with the occasional butting in of other people. It was really really random. O-o"

Jun. 5th, 2011

[Cities in Dust] Touch the Sky

Water was running; children were running
You were running out of time
Under the mountain, a golden fountain
Were you praying at the Lares shrine?
But oh your city lies in dust, my friend

Jun. 3rd, 2011

Nerd Continuity

Most of this journal is just useless drabble, as I'm sure most of you have noticed. I'm hoping to start putting up more art soon, but until then...

I HAD ANOTHER FREAKING HOMESTUCK DREAM. And this one made more sense I think. And was pretty strictly homestuck, no weird Pokemon or Disney inserts. That I noticed. It was very AU and short and random, but Homestuck it was. I think it says something that I keep dreaming about this. 8luh 8luh huge nerd~

Here's the entry from my dream log:

"You are now a HOMESTUCK DREAM. And you were kind of awesome.

Actually you are now DAVE STRIDER and you are trying to get away from a group of homicidal crazy female trolls, apparently. I don't know why they're crazy or homicidal or who most of them are, but oh do they want to kill you for some reason. The building is kind of strange, it has a big performance theatre and lots of big, open hallways that echo and have those squeaky floors. The lights are fluorescent and flicker in some places, but not very often. It is mostly bright and open and hard to hide in. You are currently stashed away in some room (I think it's a bathroom again) when one of the trolls finds you - but not just any troll. Nope.

"H3Y R3D!" I have no clue why she chooses that name other than her obvious love for the color, but guess who? TEREZI PYROPE is right! She whispers quickly to you. "COM3 H3R3!" She grabs your hand and you're off, navigating the building and hoping quickly from room to room, dodging through the back of the theatre at some point, until YOU ARE DISCOVERED. You make a break for it, (because fuck you'd be so easily overpowered and you know it and it's not even funny) shooting through some kind of music room, but you're cornered. She makes a point of getting in front of you, though you attempt not to let her.

Some arguing between them goes on, and Terezi remains adamantly on the Dave-side. I don't remember what all happens after. More conflict and jazz. I think some shippy moments which is weird because I really don't ship them as anything but friends or MAYBE moirails due to one fic, but apparently my subconscious does. What. Oh well."

It's true! Remember that post earlier about shipping? ...yeah. I.. also I just read a fanfic today, or PART of it. I can't find the rest, blargh. It's called Cities in Dust, and it can found here: homesmut.livejournal.com/5870.html It's an AU also known as JUSTICESTUCK, in which Terezi and Dave are a legislacerator/detective team. It's done with a lot of pictures and links to music to play while you read certain parts, and it is amazing. ...it also makes me ship Dave/Terezi. People were right when they said the AUs of Homestuck were the best AUs of a fandom.

My chart just keeps getting more complicated. FML.

Jun. 1st, 2011


[This is about Homestuck and also posted on my dA but I felt so strongly about it I am literally posting about it everywhere I can.]





He made me cry and type like Karkat, that's what. Fuck.

I'm really upset - I was sure there was like, an unseen time gap. Plot armor. Something. Something was going to make this not the huge tragedy it is. I... I was wrong. I was so completely wrong.

I know there's still like, the whole Dream Bubble thing. Yeah. Sure. But... fuck.

I'm just really upset. No one likes to see their favorite character facedown in blood. Everyone else was already dying off and... I... IDK. I just thought for sure there was something that we weren't seeing. Some way for this not to happen.

I'm hoping maybe, with Aradia still around... time shenanigans? It's been done before. Can it be done again? Maybe. I don't know. I'm not sure. I don't know what to think anymore.

Did I mention I'm really upset?

May. 31st, 2011


Beep Beep Meow

Beep Beep Meow

Belongs to me - will upload to dA account (Rythos) shortly.

May. 28th, 2011



I have discovered that I ship far too many things for my own good.

There is no way all of these ships can work out mutually and yet I ship them. I'm not even a "hardcore" shipper and already I am encountering this problem. Apparently 18 characters, 12 of which have 4 separate quadrants of romance, is not good enough, and of my top 10 ships, like half of them conflict with one another. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY MIND. (Edit: 16. I apparently added two more characters in my 3am stupor as well. Shoot me.) Ugh. That's not really the point of this journal though. I mean, I guess it could be, but really, it's not. How many people even read these things? I bet none. That's okay though - I'm really just doing this for me, after all. Wanting my voice to be heard, I guess, even if it's only strange ramblings at 3 am to a void of nothingness.

I swear that wasn't emo. I am so chipper right now between cake and birch beer you would not BELIEVE.


I've been working on a roleplay with a friend, by the way. For Homestuck. No canon characters here though - all original. We're going with humans and Earth if only because that's simpler than having to make up a whole world just to play in someone else's, but as far as I know there's no trolls involved. Eight players though - 4 for me to control, and 4 for her. Just for this journal, I am tentatively calling it the generic Altstuck. We're gonna come up with a title during a brainstorm session next week, hopefully. So far mine are pretty cool. I even have lands, titles, and strife specibi picked out for some of them.

Hunter P.   -  Seer of Truth
Array Sylladex  -  axekind Specibus (later able to "slidegrade" or something to pickaxekind)
Land of Ore and Pulse  -  Consorts: Tunnel Worms
"You type like any normal and sane person would. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so, considering all the crazy shenanigans around you. You brace yourself for the inevitable storm to come."

Rita  -  Rogue of Strife
Yet unnamed, overly complicated skill Sylladex  -  yoyokind Specibus ("CAT'S. CRADLE. BITCHES.")
Land of String and ???  -  Consorts: Cats
"U dont like to mess w/ alot of silly xtra text & shit like that. U dont no the meanin of spellcheck, wtf is that evn?"

Nathaniel  -  Page of Space
Sylladex unknown  -  Strife Specibus unknown
Land of ??? and Frogs  -  Consorts: Dragons
"you like to type relaly really fast and so sometimes your words get jumbled but that's okay because people uderstand :D :D you really like smilies and think they should be used more because aren't smilies jsut great?? :) they are so fantastic because they show how you'f realling, get it??? oh wait you mean how you're feeling haha!! you also tend to ramble or so other people tell you but you don't really get it..... :("

Marley - Maid of Patience(??? maybe who the fuck knows)
Sylladex unknown  -  Strife Specibus unknown
Land of ??? and ???  -  Consorts: Unknown
"Your typing style is unknown."

The last two are.. heavily under construction.

A little more about them - Hunter is quiet, most his friend-contact has been online, kind of removed when in the same place physically. Tallest, with dark brown hair, brown eyes. Likes plaid shirts of various tame colors or just open button-up shirts over a white tank with somewhat-loose jeans, usually dark ones, looking a little worn but more like.. SLIGHTLY fading in spots and tattered at the bottoms. Spends a lot of time outdoors with his laptop pre-game, slightly tanned. His room's in the basement of his house, spends most of his gaming time after sundown in his windowless little pit to counteract all the sunlight he gets during the day, apparently. (EDIT: Might just have him holed up in his basement on a desktop now, since that would make his world fit him even better.) Not a hardcore gamer but casually does things with his friends.

Rita spends more time holed up in that cave of a room she has, and her hair is usually tied back in a ponytail that was hastily thrown up and barely brushed. (Throwback to an old buddy of mine :) EDIT: She's less of a shut-in now, though she does spend way too much time shooting things in video games than you'd think normal.) Been thinking about color, probably going blonde, but a dirty blonde. Still U/C because IDK about my partner's people and we have to make bro-sis pairs after all! She might end up being a different ethnicity depending on how that works out, actually... I could see her either way, so! She's very flexible at this point. Has a habit of inadvertently squishing other people's feelings and offering whiny half-apologies later. Used to play a lot of first-person combats/shooters/etc. Enjoys that sort of confrontation but NOT inside her close circle, which is reserved for being more laid-back and less fighty-fighty. (possibly subverted with the Thief of Time? we're working on) Can be snarky and will sometimes flash insults on instinct, leading to that inadvertent feeling-squishing mentioned earlier more than anything else.

Nate is hyper, energetic, and small. He looks more his age than Hunter does. possibly younger. Very short, very scrawny, still very much retains that "kid look". Possibly blonde because it would fit him. But so would a redhead or being darker skinned. I'm still flopping around with him like fish! His head's in the clouds and honestly hell KNOWS where the rest of him is. I don't have much on him past that. After a stroke of inspiration JUST NOW as I'm writing this from the Crom Cruach scene of Secret of Kells, I may or may not have him use the crayonkind specibus or something that sounds equally ridiculous but is actually frikkin' awesome. We will see.


Marley may or may not be Hunter's slime-sister. I'm not positive yet, since we're still sorting out things with the other side. >< I don't even know if she'll exist - do we have six or eight players even, IDKKK. Very quiet, and as her POSSIBLE title may hint, she is very calm and patient and willing to help please others. She appears easy to manipulate on the surface, and in some aspects she may be, but getting her to do certain things is downright impossible. ...she may or may not stay this way. I'd like to use the name Marley, but she might end up TOTALLY different in a month. I really don't know about her, even less than Nathaniel!

...this is my life now. I feel like I should feel pathetic, but honestly, I am pretty content. The only thing I wish for is college to start again, psycho as that is. And to get on a decent schedule of sleep. Fffff.

May. 24th, 2011

You Know You're a Nerd When...

Remember that dream I talked about last time? I finally typed it up. Here's my dream journal excerpt:

"May 21st?
Bizarre dream. There was this place - it was like a command center, a CONVENTION center, and a hotel all at once. Color scheme was pale yellows and creams and off-whites. Felt like a… Marriott or a Sheraton. Weird.

Cool transportation system existed to move people around the station - hexagonal transport pads. They didn't teleport like the pads in Homestuck, oh no. They were like the pads you have to wait for in places in WoW, they dropped down into their slot in the floor, then lifted up and MOVED. Like hovercrafts. It was pretty cool, I won't lie.

Dream started out earlier than it ended. (well duh but I mean like… a year earlier!) There are squads in the center, see, and each one has four members. A human, a Disney creature (wtf), a Pokemon, and a Homestuck Troll. At 7 sweeps old (15 years!), an eager Terezi was waiting with her other Troll friends as she made her way to meet her new group. While the others had gotten their groups half a sweep ago at the latest, she was the last to be placed by far. She made her way on a pad towards her group, and in the BG there was Karkat nearby, telling her it would be alright as she was practically vibrating with the combination of excitement and nerves. His two teammates (the humans always came later) were a Charizard, and Todd the fox, from Fox and the Hound. Vriska was to the side, but she didn't say anything. Just kind of grinned that sly, smug, bitchy grin of hers. You know the one.

These particular pads, that went up and down numerous floors, were in tall tubes, rather dark most of the way with just those flashes of yellow light. They reached the top and stopped, the glass doors open and her stepping forward to…

And the dream skipped.

Now it was ME. Focusing on me, with a backpack and a suitcase, brand new to the station. I had gotten some training elsewhere, and now I was to be thrown into a team for quick stage 2 training and then immediate missions. I made my way through the building, dodging around pillars. I circled around a transport tube, making my way down a pair of extremely short, narrow stairs. People waited behind me, telling that I was new as I stared at the pads that were flying around and trying not to get hit. It was like my fear of escalators and how I hesitate in front of them, but to a totally new level.

A pad landed down (it was one of the ones that flew around on that floor only, in open air. How they avoid hitting people…) and on it was Kanaya in the front, and Gamzee in the back. Kanaya smiled kindly and helped me a little bit before rushing off. The pad was gone before I could get on, but I caught the next one, forcing myself all the way down the tiny stairs and onto the cold metal. (Gamzee had just wandered off the pad to somewhere on the left. I don't even know.) It transported me to where I needed to go, and then I got off and peered around. Somewhere in this mess I learned about Alternian culture while staring at a giant painting of Alternia and it's moons. I think Kanaya came back? Dream logic. Well, then it moved on. I found my next stop - a multi-floor tube that moved only on command like an elevator (oh wait, I guess that's how all of them worked!) Inside it waited my team.

Terezi, Crickee from Mulan, and a Hoppip. How screwed were we?

I was apparently on the team as the TECHNICIAN, a roll which could go to either the Troll or Human - whichever was not the main combat, a roll which went to Terezi in this case. Now IRL I am notoriously bad with most electronics, though I used to claim different… no, I'm seriously bad with them, but in my dream I was good at fixing fuses, welding, computer programming, robotics, ALL THAT. Now it was time for our team to go, so we bonded a little during the long ride down to a lower floor. We got off, and this floor was heavily populated with Pokemon and the occasional human, not like the last stop which had been almost completely Trolls.

We were just about to get to the good stuff - like what the teams were actually FOR and why in the world Disney characters and Pokemon were used - and I woke up.

Damnit alarm clock. Could have worse timing?"

May. 21st, 2011

Not As Planned

So I planned to type up this awesome dream I had, but. I lost the post and I don't feel like typing up the dream right now, so I'll get to it tomorrow.

For now, have a Hero Mode Ebonyria. Cause how radical is that?


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